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Toileting and washing hands picture cards
toilet training picture cards. I Want toilet visual aids


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See-n-Speak NDIS Registered Service Provider assistive technology communication aidsThis visual step by step sequence, picture cards, is an effective tool designed to guide individuals through toilet training and washing hands routine with confidence and success.

Picture cards are threaded onto a keyring. 

    Picture cards included:

    •  I want toilet
    • Sit on toilet
    • Use toilet paper
    • Flush toilet
    • Go to bathroom sink
    • Turn tap on
    • Wet hands
    • Put soap on hands
    • Rub hands together
    • Turn tap off
    • Wipe hands on towel. 

    Registered NDIS Service Provider

    Benefits – Learn toileting and washing hands skills and routine, independence, tool for expressing a need to go to the toilet. Carry with you and prompt the routine at home or in the Community.

    Ready to use! Saving you time, printing, cutting and laminating.

    Registered NDIS Service Provider.

    Pack includes:

    • 12 picture hand cards, PVC cards (85x55), rounded corner, clear white background, labelled on a portable expandable keyring

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