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Autism daily picture routine, Now & Next home routine

Now & Next Daily Home Routine - Price incl GST

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A sequence of Visual Aids (picture cards) designed to help the person process what they need to do now and what is next to complete the routine.

Picture cards for a morning, afternoon and bedtime routine.

Ready to use! Saving you time, printing, cutting and laminating.

Registered NDIS Service Provider.

Benefits – Develop routines and ads structure, transitioning, prompts language, learning, independence, interaction, reduces anxiety and behaviours.  

Pack includes:

  • Sequence Board – Corflute Board, 25cm L x 70cm W with Velcro.
  • 15 individual picture cards – PVC cards (85x55), rounded corner, clear white background, labelled with Velcro
  • Tips sheet

Picture cards included: Morning-Eat Breakfast, Brush Teeth, Get Dressed, Brush Hair, and Pack Bag. Afternoon - Unpack Bag, Get Changed, Afternoon Tea, Play, Homework. Bedtime - Dinner, Bath, PJS & Brush Teeth, Toilet, Book & Bed.  Add your own visuals to the library. 

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