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PERSONAL CARE Picture Sequence Book 🩳

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See-n-Speak NDIS Registered Service Provider assistive technology communication aids

Empowering individuals to master personal care routines with our visual sequences. 

A clear step by step sequence of real life pictures that allows a person to develop independent skills in bathing, washing hair, getting dressed, brushing teeth. 

A clear resource to develop personal care independent living skills

    Picture cards included:

    • Bath -
    • Turn Cold Tap on then Hot Tap
    • Wet Soap
    • Wash Legs then Arms
    • Wash Body then Face
    • Rinse Body then Turn Taps Off
    • Wash Hair
    • Wet Hair
    • Pour Shampoo on Hands
    • Wash Hair
    • Rinse Hair
    • Towel Dry Hair
    •  Getting Dressed
    • Put Underwear on
    • Put Pants on
    • Put Shirt on
    • Put Socks on
    • Put Shoes on
    •  Brush Teeth -
    • Toothpaste on Toothbrush
    • Wet Toothbrush
    • Brush Teeth
    • Rinse Mouth with Water
    • Rinse Toothbrush

    Registered NDIS Service Provider.

    Pack includes:

    • Booklet with 4 step by step visual sequence cards, bathing, washing hair, getting dressed, brushing teeth. 
    • Tip Sheet

    Registered NDIS Service Provider

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