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I WANT Visual Keyring 🥛

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NDIS provider Autism disability language supports

The I Want Keyring is a range of visual picture cards enabling individuals to be able to clearly communicate their basic needs and wants, through picture exchange.

  • 12 clear picture cards of basic needs & wants threaded on a keyring
  • Great for PECS (picture exchange communication system)
  • Communication prompts
  • Reduce anxiety, behaviours, increase independence
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    Picture cards on a keyring included:

    •  I want to eat
    • I want drink
    • I want bag
    • I want Jacket
    • I want toilet
    • I want to wash my hands
    • I want tissue
    • I want toys
    • I want iPad
    • I want computer
    • I am sick
    • I want rest

    Pack includes:

    • 12 picture hand cards, PVC cards (85x55), rounded corner, clear white background, labelled.  
    • Portable expandable keyring

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