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Personal Care Routine Cards
Personal Care routine communication aids NDIS registered
Getting Dressed Routine Communication Cards NDIS See-n-Speak

Personal Care Routine Cards

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Personal Care Routine Communication Cards

Autism & Language resource to develop independent living skills. 

This product demonstrates a clear step by step picture sequence of how to get dressed and brush your teeth on one portable keyring. 

You can carry the visual communication keyring with you in the bedroom as a prompt to learn to get dressed independently and in the bathroom to learn the steps to brushing your teeth independently.

Clear Images are printed on PVC hand cards with keywords and threaded on a portable keyring. 

Autism, language & learning visual resource. Saving you time!

Picture Cards

  • Getting Dressed Routine
  • Put underwear on
  • Put pants on
  • Put shirt on
  • Put socks on
  • Put shoes on - Finish
  • Brushing Teeth Routine
  • Put toothpaste on toothbrush
  • Wet Toothbrush
  • Brush teeth
  • Rinse mouth
  • Rinse toothbrush - Finish

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