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Teaching behaviour visual aids. Student learning communication resource
Teaching behaviour visual aids. Student learning communication resource

Student Instruction Keyring - Price incl GST

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See-n-Speak NDIS Registered Service Provider assistive technology communication aids

Visual Aids (Picture cards) that supports a teachers verbal instructions threaded onto a portable keyring to carry with you in the classroom and playground.

Benefits – Learn how to follow instructions, learn the label of different tasks, develop independence, develop classroom routines, relieve anxiety

Ready to use! Saving you time, printing, cutting and laminating.

Registered NDIS Service Provider.

Pack includes:

  • 12 picture hand cards, PVC cards (85x55), rounded corner, clear white background, labelled.  
  • Portable expandable keyring

Picture cards included: Sit at desk, Sit on the floor, Follow teacher, Hand up, Hold hands, Cross legs, Listen to teacher, Look at teacher, Line up in front of teacher, Put rubbish in bin, Quiet reading, Pack books away.

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